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David Fleming

Veterinary Surgeon

David Fleming
David Fleming Clinical Director

I graduated in 1983, which seems a lifetime ago. I married Linda shortly after moving down here in 2000 and we now have 4 children: Chelsea 12, Chloe 10, Luke 8, James 2.

I enjoy woodworking with hand tools. Power tools are just too noisy (the children are bad enough). I also enjoy Karate, although I came late to it and find it difficult to keep up with my son Luke!

Our black cat came from the RSPCA and was originally known as Salem, but renamed George by the children. I foolishly thought he would keep the mice away - quite the reverse. Mrs Jones is our 50-year-old tortoise. She is a very adept escape artist and is often found legging it down our lane by the neighbours. She is quite spritely and carries her age a bit better than me!